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Simulation is the Smarter Solution

Can I Find Sink Marks?

The Problem “What is a sink mark?”  “Where will the sink marks be?” Sink marks on plastic parts are in indentation in the surface, caused by the plastic shrinking and “pulling” the surface inward.  Visually this causes a “low spot” or “depression” or “valley” in a...

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Air Traps-How Do I Find Them?

The Problem “Am I going to get trapped air in the mold?”  “Where will the air traps be?” “Air traps” are areas in the mold where air cannot escape during the molding process.  Since the mold halves are designed one for one, meaning the mold halves touch, the air that...

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How do I know the cavity has a balanced fill?

The Problem “How do I know the cavity has a balanced fill.” Unbalanced filling within the cavity can lead to many issues with the final molded part, namely warping.  If the part is not filled evenly, meaning the melt front arrives at both ends of the part, there is...

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Where Do I Put The Gate and How Many Do I Need?

The Problem “I am not sure how many gate locations I will need to properly fill the part and I am also not sure where to put them.”   Gate location is critical in the injection molding process, gates are the points on the part where the plastics leaves the runner...

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When Failure Is Not An Option

When Failure Is Not An Option Have you had to rework a new plastic injection mold lately? If you have you know how frustrating the loss of time and resources are. For your next mold, take the guesswork out with some help from BlueBill Engineering Services. Read the...

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