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Using simulation for plastic injection molding can give you the foresight to see issues before the tool steel is cut. Simulating design changes before moving steel can give you confidence in your decision making.

Simulation is also a great tool to answer questions like…

Simulation is the Smarter Solution

Save Time

Producing a physical mold takes time.
Making a mold that doesn’t work wastes time. Test and tweak a virtual version of your mold BEFORE you lose time producing something that doesn’t work.

Save Money

Producing a physical mold is expensive.
Don’t gamble on a mold design that MIGHT work when you can run simulations that PROVE the design works before investing in mold production.

Plastic Injection Mold Simulation Services

Bluebill Engineering Services offers the following simulation services:

Plastic Injection Mold Filling Simulation

Filling SimulationWhen you eliminate filling issues with your mold process, scrap, mold rework costs, and time are reduced. Your product is quicker to market, and your customers are happy.

Plastic Injection Mold Packing Simulation

Packing SimulationHaving a capacity strategy nailed down before the steel is even cut, allows for better planning. You can have confidence in matching the correct machine size to the part to be molded with a professional packing simulation.

Plastic Injection Mold Warping Simulation

Warping SimulationMinimize the very costly and time-consuming “after-the-fact” adjustment processes and tooling of steel, to remove warp from a part, with plastic injection mold warping simulation.

Plastic Injection Mold Cooling Simulation

Cooling SimulationWith professional Plastic Injection Mold Cooling Simulation, you can have confidence that when the mold design is complete, accurate placement of cooling channels is high and there is no rework of the mold to adjust for insufficient and inaccurate cooling.

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