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Plastic Injection Mold Filling Simulation

Filling simulation deals with the initial filling of the mold, most commonly from start of injection to transfer.

Before you begin a plastic injection mold fill, do you find yourself asking these questions?

■ Will this part design be able to be injection molded without short shots?

■ Will this part exceed the maximum pressure capability of my injection molding machine?

■ What is the best place to put the gates and how many do I need?

■ Does my part fill uniformly?

■ Where are the weld lines and air traps going to be?

Filling Simulation can answer these questions by putting the part design through its paces, directly simulating the injection molding process. When the analysis has injection molding experience, they can use that knowledge to work within the realm of reality.

If the mold has already been created, simulation is used, first to validate the current process, then to simulate proposed changes to the part design or mold steel. This gives you confidence that the proposed changes can be done accurately and done right the very first time.

When you eliminate filling issues with your molding process, scrap, mold rework costs, and time are reduced. Your product is quicker to market, and your customers are happy. Having the confidence that your part can be successfully molded, dispels anxiety and doubt about spending money on a mold that may, or may not, work.

Filling Simulation