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Plastic Injection Mold Packing Simulation

Packing simulation deals with the compensation of shrink, or desification of the plastic after filling.

Before you begin a plastic injection mold packing, do you find yourself asking these questions?

■ Will I have sink marks on my part, how bad would they be and where will they be?

■ How much clamp tonnage would I need to mold this part?

■ How long will it take for the gate to freeze?

■ How much is my part going to shrink?

By using simulation to predict the molding process, the guesswork of which machine your mold can run in is eliminated. Packing simulation allows you to accurately predict how much clamp tonnage is needed and when gate freeze occurs. If you underestimate either, you will lose money in cycle time or machine burden rate. If you overestimate, you are leaving money on the table.

Having a capacity strategy nailed down before the steel is even cut, allows for better planning. You can have confidence in matching the correct machine size to the part to be molded with a professional packing simulation.

Packing Simulation