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Plastic Injection Mold Warping Simulation

Warping simulation deals with the post mold movement of the plastic part after it is unconstrained by the mold.

Before you begin a plastic injection mold, do you find yourself asking these questions regarding warping?

■ How much will this part warp after it is injection molded?

■ What can I do to minimize the warp of this part?

Predicting post mold warpage of a part allows adjustments to be made to the part design or process, in order to minimize the warpage before the part design is frozen or tool steel is cut. Additionally, an opposite warped CAD model can be generated to cut the steel in the opposite warped direction. The idea is to “pre-warp” the part as it is ejected from the mold, so it ends up in the position that is desired.

Minimize the very costly and time-consuming “after-the-fact” adjustment processes and tooling of steel, to remove warp from a part, with plastic injection mold warping simulation.