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Flow Simulation

Why Simulation?

Using software to simulate injection molding saves time, money, and heartache. Simulation allows adjustments to be made BEFORE a mold is produced. Simulation software is extremely powerful and requires a well-trained, experienced user to realize the full potential of the software and simulation.

That’s where BlueBill Engineering Services comes in. We can help you get a jump-start on your injection molded project and lower the risk of a faulty mold.

Latest Posts

Can I Find Sink Marks?

The Problem “What is a sink mark?”  “Where will the sink marks be?” Sink marks on plastic parts are in indentation in the surface, caused by the plastic shrinking and “pulling” the surface inward.  Visually this causes a “low spot” or “depression” or “valley” in a...

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Air Traps-How Do I Find Them?

The Problem “Am I going to get trapped air in the mold?”  “Where will the air traps be?” “Air traps” are areas in the mold where air cannot escape during the molding process.  Since the mold halves are designed one for one, meaning the mold halves touch, the air that...

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Weld Lines and Meld Lines-Can I Find Them?

The Problem “Where will the weld lines be?”  “What is a meld line?” “Weld lines” is term that is used when two plastic flow fronts come together.  Typically, this happens around screw bosses, differential thicknesses in part geometry and multiple gate locations in a...

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