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Plastic Injection Mold Cooling Simulation

Cooling simulation deals with the effectiveness of the cooling channel design to remove heat from the mold and plastic part.

Before you begin a plastic injection mold, do you find yourself asking these questions about the cooling process?

■ Are my cooling lines in my mold design adequate for cooling the part?

■ What will my overall cycle time be?

Simulation can be used to optimize the cooling channel design before the steel is cut in the tool. By using this approach, water channels can be accurately drilled the first time. If water channels are cut, and then an issue is discovered, the adjustment of the water lines is very difficult, and in some cases impossible, without creating another half of the mold.

With professional Plastic Injection Mold Cooling Simulation, you can have confidence that when the mold design is complete, accurate placement of cooling channels is high and there is no reworking of the mold to adjust for insufficient and inaccurate cooling.

Cooling Simulation